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Knife Upgrade

Now, I must say I’m not rich in money in any way, shape or form. So I’ve made do with some shifty kitchen equipment for the longest time. I’ve had my two favorite knives, a Chinese Cleaver that I got as a present and a Santoku-style cheap imitation that I received by ordering a magazine or something. I really would like to buy a few decent kitchen knives, but I can’t afford paying 50 bucks a knife for 4-5 knives that I want. But I really needed something new.

So I found a store that had a collection of Fiskars knives of sale. 5 knives in a wooden block for 60 bucks. Too good to pass. I made a little research and while they weren’t close to the Japanese Gyutos and Santokus I really want, they weren’t bad either. They received above-average results and even a few excellent ones. So I though what the heck, I can do this and ordered it.

It’s a nice set. Contains a Bread Knife (serrated), Chef’s Knife, a “Japanese Knife” (kind of like a santoku), Tomato Knife (serrated. I’m in love with that thing) and a Paring/Utility Knife. They are sharp out of the box. Sharper than anything I have, but I doubt they’d impress Burrfection by any means. But they are good enough for me (at least for now) and most importantly they were affordable enough so I could get them. I tested them with a simple salad and a delicious Onion Mix. Stay tuned for that recipe, it’s coming when I’ve written a few more from backlog.

This isn’t sponsored in any way (though I wouldn’t say no 😀 ), I’m just happy I finally got something resembling good equipment!

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