Writer. Cook. Photographer. Mother. Gamer.

A hobbyist writer from Finland, writing mainly happy and sappy LGBT romances with sugary happy endings. Part of the LGBT community and it shows in the stories - most of the pairings are of two women.

A home cook, experimenting in the kitchen with sometimes delicious, sometimes not-so-delicious results...

A hobbyist photographer, mainly taking photos of nature and people.

A wife and a mother of four.

A gamer, playing on PC, consoles, handhelds, pen & paper RPGs, board games, card games, you name it. 


The Family

Get to Know Us

We're a family of six. Neurodiverse, LGBT, accepting. Not that a social offline, Owlie and Acorn notwithstanding. We're a family of diverse personalities and hobbies. From writing and drawing to gaming and cooking. Technologically adept, each one of us.



Mother, Wife

Writer, Cook, Photographer, Mother, Wife. Also gaming, reading, drawing. I do a lot of things when I have time from my Mother aspect :)


Neurodiverse Dragon

Writer, artist, wifey. The voice of reason in the family. We'd be deep in the doodoo without Mer.


Gaming Daughter

Shotgun and Shield wielding princes on the field. Duck, if your life means anything. Also likes tiny, cute piglets a lot.

Enby Bunny

Lovable Nuisance

Prime artist and general nuisance. Bunnie's job has been making me tear off my hair since the moment they were born.


Young Writer

Writer and owl-lover extraordinaire.



Car and gaming enthusiast.


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